• Dazed Glownutz – Born During Solar Flares

    Album cover for Florida based psychedelic experimental rock band Dazed Glownutz. The sound of this release draws inspiration from psychedelic / post-rock / electronic music of the 60's and 70's from obscure corners of the planet. The album includes one disc of improvisational material (Inspired) and one disc of more traditional songs (Conspired).

    The band members share a love for recreational exploration of wild caves, with or without mushrooms, and we found this to be a good starting point for creating a visual scenario. The album art draws on themes such as rebirth, morphed consciousness and transience, mixed with psychedelic elements. These form an organic composition on the outside, versus a more structured/geometric composition on the inside, reflecting the themes of the two discs on the album.

    Format2xCD in a 4-panel digipak
    ClientDazed Glownutz
    TechniqueInk on paper, watercolor, spray paint, digital