• DIGS

    Logo and visual identity for DIGS.
    DIGS is a platform for creating, building and sharing knowledge and ideas in Trondheim. The DIGS environment consists of four elements that were incorporated into the DIGS identity and named based on their associated activities: WORK (coworking), EAT (café+ bar), FIX (makerspace) and MEET (meeting rooms and event space)

    The logo represents a cutout stencil, symbolizing DIGS as a framework for various entrepreneural activities and ideas. The identity concept is further based on the idea of DIGS as a multi-purpose space, favoring flexibility and DIY solutions. DIGS acts as host for various events and happenings, and so an important focus was to make the identity adaptable for various contexts.

    With this in mind, we created a custom typeface derived from the logo, and simple set of tools and guidelines for styling. Intended as a visual identity toolbox, the lettering, patterns and styles provide tools for creating graphic elements. These elements are either emebedded in the DIGS environment, or they are used to communicate messages in other contexts, accentuating the visual styles of events and partners.