• Pelbo – Days of Transcendence

    Inspired by the explosive rhythms and dreamy tones of Pelbo’s music, we created a dynamic and dreamlike scenery with elements symbolizing the subconscious. The composition makes objects seem to float in space, or they might be whirling down into the ocean’s depths. To bring some interaction between the inside and outside of the CD cover, the illustrations were created as a loop, making the outer image integrate with the image inside as you unfold the cover. The artwork for Days of Transcendence was awarded Gold in STERK 2011's illustration category, and featured in a 5-page tutorial in Advanced Photoshop Magazine #106.

    FormatSingle CD in a 6-panel digipak. Black 2x12'' heavyweight vinyl housed a gatefold sleeve.
    ClientPelbo / Riot Factory
    TechniqueInk on paper, watercolor, spray paint, digital