André Bratten – Be A Man You Ant

Artwork for the debut album by the electronic music machinery named Andre Bratten.


Bendik Baksaas – 1991

”We’re on a journey, going from one place to another.” Revolving around the concept of traveling, the artwork for Bendik Baksaas’ ”1991” mixes elements of reality and metaphorical fiction to tell a story of the ...

Flashback Thumb

Flashback Caruso LP

Composed by graphical elements originally created for the albums “Vol. I “ and “Vol. II”, the artwork for Flashback Caruso’s self-titled LP stands as a thematic link between the band’s first two releases.


Slipstream – Lowrider 2013

Longboard graphics for Slipstream’s 2013 Lowrider deck.



Logo design for Aspén, a Norwegian management and record label.


The HEX – The Hexperience

Marking the release of the album “Bringing Guns to a Knife Fight” by The Hex, we teamed up with the band to transform Verkstedhallen in Trondheim into a venue for an audiovisual release event. By ...


Bendik – Drømmen Gjør Meg Ingenting

The artwork for the debut album by Bendik is a graphic follow-up to the visual concept developed for their 7″ release. The organic and root-like elements draw parallels to the imagery of the EP, but ...


The Hex – Bringing Guns to a Knife Fight

The scenery is set to a dark and gloomy urban “city noir” environment. The different elements seek to portray the raw energy and mood characterized by the sound of the Hex, and to reflect the ...


Whose House??!!

Whose House??!! is a club concept hosted by DJ Juri Gagarin, Knut Kopernik and Bra:Tvedt. We were asked to make a logo and promotional material for the launch of their first set at BrukBar & ...


Bendik Baksaas Band – The Shape of Beats to Come

Mixing glitchy electronica with elements of hip hop, disco and jazz, the tracks of this release brought us into the vibe of some seventies yatch party. We wanted to give the cover a dynamic edge, ...



T-shirt and logo design for the garage punk band Blomst. Based on the band name, we aimed for a gritty-looking, but iconic imagery to reflect the pervasive in-your-face attitude and sound of the band.


Bendik – Og At Den Som Mistet Drømmene, Skulle Bli Meg

In the musical universe of Bendik the organic and the electronic meet in strange ways, conjuring up images of misty woods and a world where machines and furious nature collide. Setting the scene to a ...


Pelbo – Days of Transcendence

Inspired by the explosive rhythms and dreamy tones of Pelbo’s second album release, we created a dreamlike scenery where objects seem to float in space, or they might be whirling down into the ocean’s depths. ...



Art print celebrating the birth of a child.


The Hex – Tyrannosaurus Hex

Artwork and logo design for the debut album by The Hex, and also our first album cover design. To add an interactive quality to the cover, the illustrations were created so that the outer image ...


Lost Bearings

Returning home, but way too late.. A piece inspired by an old tale of a lost fisherman’s soul. Put up on deteriorated buildings standing close to the sea.


Young Rebels

A set of elderly characters originally created for the 2010 Smal-i-hove art festival at Studentersamfundet, Trondheim. Two of the pieces are featured in the book Street Art Norway vol. 2.



Our first mural, created in 2009. In 2012 the piece was used as part of a campaign for Ricomincia da Te, a movement promoting political and economic reform in Italy.