Skurktur is a design studio based in Trondheim / Berlin. Working with both analogue and digital techniques, we create illustrations, album artwork, editorial graphics, visual identities, art prints, apparel, and more.


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Aug. 2017 Pop-Up Art Exhibition, group exhibition at The Ballery, Berlin
Jul. 2016 Art Walk Hvitsten, outdoor group exhibition curated by Hvitsten Salong, Vestby
Oct. 2015 Verneverdig Vandalisme, street art group exhibition at Gategalleriet, Bergen
May 2015 TypoGraphic, poster group exhibition at Grafill, Oslo
Feb. 2015 Domino, collaborative exhibition with photographer Phuong Costello, Oslo
Aug. 2014 Sløydivalen, group exhibition at Bakklandet Sløyd, Trondheim
Jul. 2013 July Exhibition at Ramp, selected works / original drawing at Ramp, Trondheim
Oct. 2012 EMPTYMIXUPFRAME, group exhibition at Gong, Trondheim / Caféteateret, Oslo
Mar. 2010 Smal-i-hove festivalen, mural at art&culture festival at Studentersamfundet, Trondheim
Mar. 2014 Sterk 2013, Silver in STERK 2013′s illustration category – artwork for 1991 by Bendik Baksaas
Jan. 2014 NTNU Musikknæringspris 2014, Nominee for the music industry award 2014
Oct. 2012 Designspirer 2012, Nominee for “Årets Designspire”
Mar. 2012 Sterk 2011, Gold in STERK 2011′s illustration category – artwork for Days of Transcendence by Pelbo
Sep. 2016 Black & White: Volume Three, Out of Step Books, Work showcase
Mar. 2015 Gallery vol. 30, Chois Publishing, Work showcase (p. 36-37)
Mar. 2015 From Rain to Rainbows, Chronicle Books, Stencil work (p. 62)
May. 2014 Beyond Illustration: Designs & Applications, Sendpoints Books, Work showcase (p. 56-59, 110-111)
Oct. 2013 Missions Spéciales Pour Éco-aventuriers, Le Pommier, Stencil work (p. 115)
Sep. 2013 My Big Book of Art and Illusion, Prestel, Stencil work (p. 14-15)
Feb. 2013 Advanced Photoshop Mag. #106, Imagine Publishing, “Design Commercial Packaging” (p. 7, 56-60)
Sep. 2012 Street Art Norway Vol. 2, Kontur Forlag, Stencil work (p. 72-73)